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The era of big data is upon us and now, more than ever, you need accurate, right-time information about network usage and trends in order to make informed decisions. For hundreds of communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide, Sandvine’s business intelligence products are the source of truth for this information.

Sandvine’s complete network business intelligence solution is comprised of our traffic classification technology, Record Generator for simplified data integration with third-party systems, the powerful Network Demographics reporting product, and Network Analytics, the first and most trusted analytics product purpose-built for CSPs.

Communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide are looking to grow and diversify revenue and achieve competitive differentiation, and Sandvine offers a range of options to help achieve these objectives:

Sandvine has helped more than 80 operators worldwide, with fixed, mobile, and converged access networks, deploy new subscriber services that increase revenue and customer loyalty. CSPs can differentiate their business services to grow revenue, increase loyalty, and target new enterprise verticals by offering their business customers Sandvine’s entire suite of network policy control solutions. In a sponsored connectivity business model, instead of an Internet user paying for the connection, a third-party does so on their behalf. Sandvine offers a complete sponsored connectivity solution.