Our Support Services 


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Resolving network component failures so your network infrastructure can continue to meet the needs of your business.

Despite your best efforts, your network equipment will eventually fail, and that translates to downtime and productivity loss. So it is critical that you are able to respond to network failures quickly, efficiently, and successfully, repairing the problem with as little disruption as possible to your organization business activities.

Supporting the continuing operation of your network infrastructure through resolution of network failures, NSS Support Services provide remote telephone support to assist you in diagnosing the problem. We have access to the right software upgrades and fixes that will quickly resolve most equipment failures. And if it is the hardware that is broken, NSS supplies all parts, labor and material necessary to restore your network equipment to a fully operational condition.

NSS can offer the customers two methods to obtain additional hardware maintenance coverage up to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. The methods are:

- Repaid Extensions allows the customer to contract for additional time blocks of coverage that run consecutive to his standard hours of coverage. These additional blocks, acquired at additional cost, vary by equipment type

- Chargeable Calls allows the customer to request service outside of his prepaid maintenance hours of coverage. he will be billed at NSS's current hourly rates for travel time and time spent at the location, with a two-hour minimum. Chargeable calls are sometimes referred to as time-and-materials maintenance. However, there is no additional charge for parts if the equipment is covered by a prepaid maintenance service agreement